SEA-Europe Joint Funding Scheme

In 2017 the Southeast Asia-Europe Joint Funding Scheme for Research and Innovation (JFS) was started to enhance research and innovation cooperation between the two regions. The JFS is a joint funding instrument under which national, regional and local funding agencies and ministries from SEA and Europe come together to fund bi-regional research and innovation projects.

A first Joint Call for Proposals in the thematic areas Health (Emerging Infectious Diseases/AMR) and Environment/ Climate Change (Adaptation/ Resilience of food production systems, Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystems/ Biodiversity) was successfully implemented in 2017. In June 2018, the second joint call was launched, focusing on the thematic areas of Bioeconomy and Infectious Diseases.

Latest News

WEBINAR: European Funding and Fellowshop Opportunities for Researchers

Register for the webinar organized by NSTDA and learn more about the Southeast Asia - Europe Joint Funding Scheme (JFS) and other funding opportunities!


The 5th and the 6th Joint Call for Proposals 2020 are OPEN for submission NOW!!!

Funding Decision for 2019 Innovation Call on Infectious Diseases and Smart Cities taken

In an online meeting on April 7, the JFS Programme Steering Committee for the 2019 Innovation call on Infectious Diseases (including AMR) and Smart Cities selected the projects to be funded.